VPN Features - VPN.AC

Security Secure your connection

Secure your connection

  • The Service is operated by security professionals
  • Self-hosted, encrypted DNS implementation; we do not rely on 3rd parties
  • Cutting edge VPN encryption: up to AES-GCM 256-bit encryption with Elliptic Curve and/or 4096-bit RSA authentication, PFS; WireGuard support.

Privacy Reclaim your privacy

Reclaim your privacy

  • Double-hop connections for improved privacy and connection speed overseas
  • There is no activity logging or monitoring of our users’ Internet activity.
  • No logs, not even common Linux daemons, are kept on VPN servers.
  • Users' privacy is increased through shared IP addresses on VPN Nodes.
  • We don't use 3rd party tracking services on our web-site (Google Analytics, tracking beacons, “Like” buttons etc.).


DNS security & privacy done right

  • We use our own - private DNS resolvers for all DNS queries
  • All DNS queries are encrypted (AES 128-bit) to protect users against 3rd party DNS monitoring and hijacking
  • DNS resolvers do not log DNS queries
  • We generate millions of DNS queries per day, and these are mixed with the queries of VPN users to make sure that potential monitoring of our DNS resolvers is ineffective

staff Service backed by a skilled team

Service backed by a skilled team

  • Our core staff members have over 20 years of experience in security and networking.
  • There is no externalized support or ticket escalation, and no predefined copy-&-paste answers to your queries.
  • You talk directly to those who implemented the entire VPN infrastructure, and who have the required technical skills to assist you in any problem.

Compatibility It just works

It just works

  • Easy to use VPN apps for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android compatible with all modern releases, working with all VPN protocols that we provide (mainly OpenVPN, IPsec (IKEv2, L2TP) and pure TLS with our browser addon)
  • Step-by-step guides are provided for connection using all supported devices using OS built-it or 3rd party software, including screenshots and videos
  • Our service is tested with all modern Operating Systems and devices

Fast and
reliable Fast and reliable

Fast and reliable

  • Most of our VPN servers are connected to 1000 Mb/s (gigabit) channels, with many speed and reliability tests being done before their deployment in our infrastructure
  • We do not oversell bandwidth, nor engage in volume-selling, and more VPN servers are regularly added to ensure against overuse of our locations; at any given time, available bandwidth speed greatly exceeds our users’ needs - usually at least 10-fold
  • No bandwidth speed throttle is set on VPN Nodes per connection/user basis and we are confident that you will match your ISP speed

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