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I would like to thank everyone at VPN.ac for the great service. I have tried most of the VPN service, and none of them can beat the security, stability, and speed that you provide. Keep up the great work.
A., United States
I'm using vpn.ac for almost a year. As a computer scientist I know a lot about IT Security & Privacy and vpn.ac provides me excellent security and privacy. I've tested many aspects of their services and the only thing I have to say is that those guys know their stuff. It seems that security is priority for them. I hope that they will provide their services for many many years.
A., Unknown country
"Just perfect!" - that's the bottom line. The VPN is reliable and fast, i haven't experienced any issues worth mentioning in a year. Your tutorials are great for newbies, but provide all the information for experienced users, also. And your support is just outstanding - fast, very professional and always to the point.
xph, Germany
For almost three months I use your VPN with great satisfaction. You offer a very stable service, your tutorials are very well done and you are providing good advice about safety. Also the price is ok for 6 simultaneous connections.
J., Czech Republic
I write this after having 2x 6month subs and have just swapped to yearly billing. I had bounced around so many other vpn providers for about a year before I lucked out and found vpn.ac.
Each of the previous provider's I tried for a month each and generally the experience went as such first week really good speeds 2nd week somewhat slower to being pathetically useless by the end of the first month. And this seemed to be a problem across the board. Sometimes those good speeds only lasted a day or two before plummeting. Now i don't expect full 100mb speed of my cable modem but some of these guys i was "lucky" to get 10mb after a year of this trial and error i'd set the rule that if i got 40% of my line speed that would do & at upto £15GBP per month ... then i found vpn.ac and my eyes were opened to what a vpn provider SHOULD be... so I paid the $5USD and really went to town testing the service as i had done many many times before fully expecting after the 7 day money back period to be over and the usual capping to take place... it didn't slow down.. and i was confused..
So after the month i went for 6 months, no sign of any slow down if anything things got faster and I can get 80mbit (8MB/s) on average which is awesome.

So after a year of excellent service from vpn.ac I'm now paying yearly the extra discount means I'm paying the equivalent of £2.50 a month for upto 2Tb way more than I ever need even on a heavy month. Worth every penny I give them, and this review is one small way to help them.

If you don't just believe me just try them... I'm betting you won't need to use their 7 day refund =)
K., UK
I had no clue about VPN before I came to China.
My job requires doing research work for new developments, technology and raw materials, which certainly is important to do with the help of resources on the internet. Now suddenly everything was so difficult, took a long time, and some things I delivered were not up to my own satisfaction. Before arriving in China I really had no clue how high and thick the Great Firewall really is. Everybody in the west seems talking about blockage of Facebook and YouTube. But that's not important at all. More relevant are the professional restrictions I had to live with. I became frustrated.

The instructions for China which I've got by email are relevant, they are written by people who know the stuff. My unfiltered connection works fine every single day. I am happy I finally can find all the relevant information I need to do my job properly and train people. And as a "side-effect" I finally can again use my google calendar. I am glad I found vpn.ac.
P., China
I messed up some things all by myself and had to contact the VPN.AC-Support more than once. And they just solved my problem in no time - every time. They are super friendly and they know exactly what they're dealing with. Experts, so to say. Oh... and when i don't have any issues? I just use the VPN at mostly full-speed, not really recognizing it's there. Just perfect. Everything.
S., Germany
I never had any problems in over a year since I signed-up with vpn.ac. Speed has been great, almost maxing out my line speed of 70 Mbps, tech support has been always fantastic and prompt even during weekends.
J., Canada
From the moment I entered the website of VPN.ac I noticed the huge different compared to other providers. The most important thing about VPN service is your privacy, and VPN.ac implements it all the way. Their site doesn't have and 3rd party tracking scripts and they are very detailed about their VPN infrastructure and strict security polices, nothing is hidden from you.
The FAQ and the tutorials are very professional, these guys just shows true knowledge about server & VPN managing. All of the legal documents are actually pleasant to read, it's short and simple, delivering you everything you need to know. You get many servers connect to in one price and they even allow parallel connections!

The VPN itself working fast & flawless Supporting all major protocols and devices, You won't feel any slowdown compared to your original connection. The support is awesome by all means. Fast and professional responses around the clock but the service is so good you will use it rarely.
After almost 1 year I only got one short downtime which handled very quickly by the support staff and even compensated by free months added to my account.

I'm really lucky I found vpn.ac and going to be a long time customer, Highly recommended!
A., Israel
I have tested a number of mainstream VPN providers before settling with VPN.ac. I was looking for sustained performance, reliability (the named servers need to be available all the time) and support for multiple platforms, including different routers. With VPN.ac I got it all and I can constantly max out my 16Mbit DSL line. Besides the performance of their servers what really separates VPN.ac from the rest of the competition is customer support. For the few support cases I had opened with them, I received unparalleled focus and very skilled help and advise. Excellent, reliable service coupled with world-class customer support!
A., Dubai
Every time I need support, which is not very often. VPN.AC impresses with knowledgeable friendly and helpful support. No escalations, no script readers, no waiting times they just solve the problem, which, every time, is on MY side!
J., Ireland
I have tried a half dozen VPN providers, and VPN.ac really delivers - and at a price that can't be beat. The speeds are fast, the connection is stable, and the protocol/encryption choices are inclusive of everything one could want. What really sets them apart, however, is their customer service. I have never experienced such dedicated, personal, and knowledgeable customer service with any company I have done business with before. VPN.ac truly goes the extra mile, and I can recommend them to anyone without hesitation.
I've used most of the 'major' VPN providers, and the wild variations in speed, overloaded servers, slow connect and speed times were always frustrating. On a whim, I decided to sign-up for a trial with VPN.ac. It took me less than a day to sign-up for a year. Every server I tried was fast, even using AES 256 Open VPN. I'm beyond impressed. Best service I've ever used, period.
VPN.ac is a very reliable service, with helpful and friendly support. They do not oversell bandwidth, and you can expect to max out your DSL connection anytime, even during peak hours. They are also very serious when it comes to security & encryption. A very good choice if you want a better-quality alternative to major players.
D., France
I've tested many of the "big" VPN providers, but none come even close to VPN.ac. The extremely good and personal support compared to the standard "copy & paste" support you get from others is really something extra.
On top of that, the service is really fast and I don't see any drops in internet speed with this provider!
T., Sweden
Customer for 6 months. Easily the cheapest and most stable service I've used up to now. My connection speed is maxed out accordingly to my original broadband limit, which is 30Mbps. Also good support, didn't have to wait more than a couple of hours to hear back regarding an open ticket.
B., UK
I tried a couple other VPN services before discovering vpn.ac and was disappointed. VPN.AC was a breath of fresh air. Not only was the pricing fantastic, but the customer support really stood out from the rest. VPN.AC's support staff is extremely quick to respond - I've never had to wait more than a couple hours for a well thought out (and detailed) answer. Their live chat is wonderful, and they've even remoted into my system to help configure settings. The connections speeds are great, and very stable. I'm very satisfied.
Have had at least two occasions for which I made contact with VPN.ac. I cannot report that all interactions have gone as I think they should've. Eventually we were able to get things resolved. Neither I nor their staff is perfect, so, no harm no foul.

My most recent situation was notably better, as I was having an issue with connectivity. Customer support was all over the situation. They were helpful, but ultimately I was able to get things fixed on my own. However, their input was helpful, and they were responsive and attentive. And while it wasn't a quick fix, it was fixable.

Overall, I continue to be impressed with VPN.ac and both their product and support.
As an example, I regularly go to https://www.dnsleaktest.com to verify my IP address and the DNS provider. The fact that, as a VPN.ac customer I get access to their DNS servers, is pretty cool. I don't have to manually set my DNS as I usually do. (I change my DNS regularly, too.)
Also, I like that they provide "P2P-Optimized" locations. Another cool feature.

All in all, I'm very pleased with VPN.ac. And even though I use Witopia's CloakBox for my local network, I hope to eventually go with VPN.ac full-time on all my devices.
I've used VPN.ac for my month-long tour of China. VPN.ac worked brilliantly on my laptop and phone. I've used both L2TP and 256-bit OpenVPN. The speed was excellent, a lot of servers to choose from and the service was great!