Privacy Policy - VPN.AC


information we collect

  • E-mail addresses for the purposes of providing our service and correspondence.
  • Payment information for the purpose of providing our service, fraud prevention.
  • IP addresses for the purpose of providing our service, security reasons, fraud prevention.

Use of information

Collected information is used for the following purposes
  • For providing our service: an account with us is linked to an e-mail address, which is used to login to our site's Client Area, receive the VPN login details and any communication related to our service, such as and not limited to payment confirmations, payment reminders, support inquiries, important notifications.
  • For correspondence purposes: e-mail addresses transmitted on a voluntary basis through our site's contact form, our ticketing system or by direct e-mail communication.
  • Payment information is used for processing service orders, renewals, cancelations, fraud checking. Note that we do not store credit card details and we do not process payments directly. All payments must be made through 3rd party payment processors. For details on what information is processed by the payment processors, we recommend to check their privacy policies.
  • IP addresses are collected from our website's visitors for security and statistics purposes. Note that we don't use any 3rd party website statistics tools like Google Analytics or similar.
  • IP addresses are collected within service connection logs for the following purposes: service functionality, troubleshooting and security. VPN service connection logs include IP addresses, start and end time of VPN connections, amount of data transfered. Note that we do not log or monitor actual VPN activity of users while using our service. These connection logs are erased once a session is terminated.


Temporary cookies are used on our website for functionality purposes, such as being able to login to Client Area, placing orders and to record affiliate sign-ups.

Protection of information

We make use of several security measures to safeguard the data of our users, such as and not limited to: full disk encryption, forced TLS (HTTPS) for all website access, remote access to servers permited only to a very limited number of employees.

Transfer of information to 3rd parties

We do not give/transfer any personal data to any 3rd parties unless required by law.

Latest policy update: 25/05/2018
Reason of update: simplified and more concise version.