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  • RestorePrivacy: VPN.ac may just be one of the best-kept secrets in the VPN market.
  • VPN University: VPN.AC is high-security VPN provider that continues to fly under the radar (just the way they like it).
  • TorrentFreak - Which VPN Providers Take Your Anonymity Seriously? 2014 Edition
  • VPNCompare: "VPN.ac offer an extremely good and robust service, the speeds achieved are consistent and in general of top quality, their technical staff appear very knowledgeable."
  • VPN Reviewer: "Excellent speeds. VPN service backed by a security company so one would expect them to keep their servers secure. [...] This provider was a well received surprise for us."
  • BestVPN: "We have never heard of VPN.ac before, but overall we are reasonably impressed. On the human / policy side it does very well, and we particularly like the robust privacy policy and the great customer support"
  • Best VPNz: "their bandwidth is in a clean state and not overburdened by heavy traffic"
  • VPN Coupons: "Fast And Trustworthy VPN Service"
  • VPN Services Reviews: "Secure VPN access is what VPN.ac stands for, and they live up to their promise through over 10 years of experience in the industry"
  • VPN Pick: "We recommend a user going for a new VPN provider to check VPN.ac and go through its FAQ section which might answer all their questions and help them in making an informed choice."
  • VPN Critic: " they provide an excellent customer service that is capable of helping with any issues you may have. One thing we particularly liked about VPN.ac was the transparency and clarity of their website."
  • VPN Analysis: "The customer support is very quick and excellent, plus the high-class encryption level makes it a cutting edge among other VPN rivals in the industry.
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