Beta  (5)

For testing features that are not yet in production

DNS Security and Privacy  (4)

DNS guides

Essential content  (7)

Must-read information on using our service properly

IKEv2/IPsec  (6)

IPsec+IKEv2 setup tutorials

L2TP/IPsec  (15)

L2TP/IPsec setup tutorials

Misc  (14)

Various tutorials, awareness articles, Q&As

Obfuscation  (1)

OpenVPN  (27)

OpenVPN setup tutorials

Payments  (2)

Details about payment types

PPTP  (15)

PPTP setup tutorials

Routers  (9)

Tutorials for setting up VPN connections on routers running custom ROMs

SecureProxy  (12)

Setup instructions and solutions to problems using the SecureProxy browser extension

Service and Billing  (4)

Q&As regarding service ordering and billing

SOCKS5 Proxy  (3)

Tutorials for setting up a SOCKS5 proxy connection

Speed  (1)

Guides on how to test and improve the VPN speed

Troubleshooting  (18)

Solutions to potential problems

WireGuard  (10)

WireGuard setup tutorials