How to use the Always-On VPN feature on Android

Recently we introduced support for "Always-On VPN" on Android with our VPN client app, which is an Android built-in feature available on recent Android versions only (Android 7+ for "Always-On" and Android 8+ for "Block connections without VPN")

What it is and how does it work?

- The "Block connections without VPN" option (part of Always-On starting with Android 8) feature is, essentially, a kill-switch. While enabled, it will ensure that all Internet traffic on your Android device will go through the VPN tunnel, not directly over the non-secure ISP connection if the VPN connection is down for any reason.

How to enable it?

- Open the Advanced tab of our Android VPN app, then tap on "Always-on VPN". This will open the Always-On VPN selection list, then tap on the VPN.AC cog icon. You will see two options there: "Always-on VPN" and "Block connections without VPN". Enable both option.
When you enable the option "Block connections without VPN", a warning message will be displayed, showing "By turning on this setting, you won't have an internet connection until the VPN successfully connects". The warning message is self-explanatory.

How to disable it?

- When you disconnect from the VPN connection, no Internet traffic will be allowed, unless you reconnect the VPN or you go back to the Always-On VPN settings (a key icon will be displayed in the Notification Bar for quick-access to the Always-On settings) and disable the Always-On VPN feature, so that the device will reach the Internet directly (without a VPN connection).

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