Introducing new feature: DNS filtering

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Starting with our new Android app version 1.1.37 released today (change log), we are introducing DNS filtering capabilities for ads/malware/tracking blocking. It can be enabled in the app's Advanced tab. 

- Disabled (default): no filtering, unblocking US Netflix on all servers. Basically, no change - same as it always been. 
- SecureDNS: enabled ads/malware/tracking and other unwanted resources blocking, while still unblocking the US Netflix version on all servers.  
- SecureDNS + local streaming: same filtering capabilities but will use the default Netflix version. This option is ideal if you watch releases belonging to Netflix that aren't country specific as the speed/quality should be higher. Please note that "local" DOES NOT mean that it unblocks local catalogues (e.g. connecting to Italy will not show the Italian Netflix catalogue) but the default Netflix catalogue which is available over VPN. Starting a few months ago, Netflix is no longer blocking access from VPNs, instead it displays a default catalogue consisting of their own productions when accessing over VPNs - aka "Netflix Originals".

The new settings will be available in our Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS apps on their next updates which are going to be released gradually in the very near future. 
Also, it is possible to use the same capabilities without our apps (e.g. on routers, with WireGuard, 3rd party OpenVPN client apps etc.) by defining non-default DNS servers: KB article

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