DNS filtering settings for OpenVPN and WireGuard connections using 3rd party apps

We are supporting DNS filtering capabilities to block ads, trackers, malware and other unwanted resources via DNS by using our private DNS resolvers while connected to the VPN.
The option is currently supported with our app for Android and will be integrated gradually in our apps for other platforms.
Making use of the DNS filtering capabilities isn't exclusive to our apps, so you can use it with 3rd party OpenVPN clients and WireGuard. Below are the instructions on how to enable the two types of filtering with OpenVPN and WireGuard connection types.

1. SecureDNS: enable ads/malware/tracking and other unwanted resources blocking, while still unblocking the US Netflix version on all servers.

usage with OpenVPN .ovpn server profiles
- add the following two lines to the .ovpn server profile:

pull-filter ignore "dhcp-option DNS"
dhcp-option DNS

usage with WireGuard server profiles
- edit the server profile and change the DNS line to the following:

2. SecureDNS + local streaming: enable the same filtering capabilities, but will use the default Netflix version. This option is ideal if you watch releases belonging to Netflix that aren't country specific as the speed/quality should be higher.

- same instructions as described above, but with the DNS server address:

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