WireGuard on iOS

This guide is for setting up WireGuard VPN connections with our service using the official WireGuard app on iOS:

  1. install the WireGuard official app from Appstore
  2. Use our wgmanager tool either to generate your keys (recommended) or to provide the pubkey you already have, select the location you want to connect to
  3. Generating conf files on iOS directly:

    • if you use the tool on your iOS browser directly, you need to choose download the full zip file (select All servers (zip file) in WG manager)
    • if you want to use individual servers, the stand-alone .conf file must be generated on your desktop browser (PC, macOS) instead of iOS, then the .conf file transferred to your iOS device (cloud sync, email etc.)
  4. after you generate and download the .conf file or the .zip archive, import it into WireGuard app by tapping on Add a tunnel or the + sign in the upper-right corner > Create from file or archive

  5. Navigate to the folder where the .conf file or the zip archive are located on the device
  6. Tap on Allow when asked to set a VPN connection, eventually enter your device passcode if asked in order to connect

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