Simple DNSCrypt on Windows

DNS censoring is the main blocking method used in China and other countries engaging into Internet censorship. Simple DNSCrypt is a 3rd party software tool that encrypts the DNS traffic, helping in by-passing such blocking.

Note: this tool is useful only when you are not connected to the VPN. For example, it would help to access our main site ( instead of mirrors which are also getting blocked regularly. It also applies to many websites that are blocked and makes it much harder for ISPs and 3rd parties to see what websites you visit.

  1. Download its installer from and install it
  2. Once installed, make the following configuration changes to it:
    • In Main Menu under Configuration enable DNSCrypt, activate DNSCrypt Service and enable it on the physical network adapters such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi
    • In the Resolvers tab, disable Automatic mode and manually select the following resolver from the list:quad9-dnscrypt-ip4-filter-pri (DNSCrypt). Alternatively you may use other resolvers, but this is what we recommend for best latency/speed around the world.
  3. Apply the settings and verify at if you are now using the right DNS resolvers.

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