Windows beta client (new kill switch implementation)

UPDATE (02/01/2019): the changes in beta have been rolled-out into the stable version 4.1.1 released today

We released a beta version of our VPN client app for Winodws which integrates a completely re-designed kill switch function. 

What's new:

1. default gateway is no longer removed, but everything null-routed except for the VPN server IP
2. when the kill switch is enabled, reconnection after sleep should be working without disabling the kill switch
3. when the kill switch is enabled, connection to different server location should be working without disabling the kill switch
4. switching network to one with a different gateway/IP range shouldn't require to disable the kill switch, but manually disconnect and then connect again (auto connection might be addressed later)

The kill switch can be disabled as usual using the "Disable killswitch" button. The blocking is not persistent across system reboots, so a system restart would also clear the blocking rules. 

Current version: v4.1.0-b1 (release date 12/12/18)

This release will be in beta for a week or maybe less, which means that your feedback is very important and we'd appreciate to get it before rolling-out the changes in the upcoming stable version. 

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