Linux VPN client (beta)

In this page we will publish up to date info about our new beta VPN app for Linux.


27/01/20: version 2.0 released
24/04/19: minor change made to v1.4 so it should work fine on Debian, too
19/04/19: new version v1.4 released
14/02/19: new version v1.3 released
13/10/18: new version v1.2 released
10/06/18: added stand-alone package (no installation required)
08/06/18: kill switch script improvements
30/06/18: initial beta client released


- the app is in beta stage and is currently available for Debian based distros only, tested with latest Debian, Mint, Ubuntu distributions
- current build is for 64-bit architecture only
- "net-tools" package is a pre-requisites, on Debian-based distros install it by running 'sudo apt-get install net-tools -y'

Download from the beta repository

Changes in version 2.0

- new design implemented
- fixed OpenVPN issue related to not connecting when resuming from sleep
- other minor bug fixes

Changes in version 1.4

- added support for latest Ubuntu 19
- fixed startup from menus so it should run without the need to start it from terminal
- added servers latency in the locations menu

Changes in version 1.3

- fixed a kill switch problem, not allowing traffic to the 'lo' ( interface when enabled
- added up to date API servers for locations update
- fixed a bug not displaying the connection log when clicking on 'Show connection log'
- other minor fixes

Changes in previous version (v1.2)

- fixed a screen scaling issue (window too big on some displays)
- fixed a problem with URLs opening (e.g. when clicking on the IP leaking check button)
- other minor improvements and fixes

Upcoming changes (work in progress)

- Add IPv6 blocking feature
- Include latest OpenVPN
- Add option to start it automatically on user login

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