Linux VPN client (beta)

In this page we will publish up to date info about our new beta VPN app for Linux.


24/04/19: minor change made to v1.4 so it should work fine on Debian, too
19/04/19: new version v1.4 released (NOT for Debian, but for Ubuntu, Mint - other distros based on Ubuntu)
14/02/19: new version v1.3 released
13/10/18: new version v1.2 released
10/06/18: added stand-alone package (no installation required)
08/06/18: kill switch script improvements
30/06/18: initial beta client released


- the app is in beta stage and is currently available for Debian based distros only, tested with latest Debian, Mint, Ubuntu, CentOS distros with popular window managers. No other distros have been tested
- latest version 1.4 won't work on Debian (a newer version to come soon)
- current build is for 64-bit architecture, one for 32-bit might be added at a later date
- "net-tools" package is a pre-requisites, on Debian-based distros install it by running 'sudo apt-get install net-tools -y', on CentOS: 'yum install net-tools' 
- on older versions (for instance Ubuntu < 18.04), also install the package "gksu" 
- if it doesn't start from the menus, start it from terminal by running: "pkexec env DISPLAY=$DISPLAY XAUTHORITY=$XAUTHORITY /usr/local/"
- If the stand-alone package is used, start it from subfolder. Closing the terminal after starting the VPN app shouldn't cause the app to exit.

Download from the beta repository

Changes in version 1.4

- added support for latest Ubuntu 19
- fixed startup from menus so it should run without the need to start it from terminal
- added servers latency in the locations menu

Changes in version 1.3

- fixed a kill switch problem, not allowing traffic to the 'lo' ( interface when enabled
- added up to date API servers for locations update
- fixed a bug not displaying the connection log when clicking on 'Show connection log'
- other minor fixes

Changes in previous version (v1.2)

- fixed a screen scaling issue (window too big on some displays)
- fixed a problem with URLs opening (e.g. when clicking on the IP leaking check button)
- other minor improvements and fixes

Upcoming changes (work in progress)

- Add IPv6 blocking feature
- Include latest OpenVPN (2.4.7)
- Add option to start it automatically on user login

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