WireGuard Status

This page includes updates on our WireGuard protocol implementation.   

Latest update (09/06/22): added new locations in Lithuania, Spain, Portugal

Previous updates:

the pfSense guide has been updated for the latest version (2.5.2)
The WG Manager tool has been updated to generate friendly location names for .conf files (e.g. au-melbourne.conf instead of vpnac-wg-au1.conf)
pfSense guide added.  
Atlanta 2 server has been changed, replace public key with the new one "SNZWO2jBdgcfpYJt1iDgCPrViRxkDDlXgU4uiZUW9xY=" or reggenarate the profile. New location added: US East - Ashburn
added new locations: Germany 1, UK London 1, Netherlands 1, Netherlands 2, US Seattle 1, US Tampa, US Dallas 1, US LA 1, Hong Kong. More to come. 
added new server in Switzerland (CH1); testing of 2-hops implementation is in progress and 2hop location setups will be added if all goes well in our testing
Added new server in Italy
Added new server in France 
Netherlands server has been replaced due to a hardware failure 2 days ago. Either edit the specific server profile and replace its public key with the new one (RdXMnhvh9e1s5oOUMghTFp+oOBUobjirgGTRG0uVIX4=) or re-generate the profile(s) in WG Manager
 Default server port in the generated config files has been changed to 51821. We also added support for multiple ports, so you can use any in the range 51820-51900. This may come handy if the default WireGuard port (51820) is blocked, which could be the case for some users in China. There is no need to generate new config files, you can change the port in the server profiles you alredy use. 
Added new San Francisco server
Added new Belgium and Japan servers
Added new Singapore server
 Added new Sydney 2 gateway

the limit for WG devices has been increased for 3 to 6 for a single VPN account
added new server in Los Angeles
added WG server in LA (CN2, recommended for users in China) 
added guide for Windows
US East Coast Atlanta 2 and Miami 2 locations added
US West Coast - Seattle 2 location added
Australia (Melbourne) location added. 
 Vancouver server has been replaced because of a hardware failure. To use it again, a new key for it must be generated with the WG manager tool
new locations added: Poland 2, Norway, US East - Miami, US Central - St. Louis, US Central - Denver. 
added guides for OpenWRT 18.06Linux
added guides for AndroidiOSmacOS
implementation is live. Initial setup guide for key management tool available here
some pre-release fixes have been rolled-out, WG likely to be available later today (by end of day, UTC time)
creation of this status page  

Active Tasks

03/03/19 [is][high] server side WG deployment [in progress]. ETA by end of first week of March, 15 servers will be available initially, more to be added gradually
03/03/19 [o][high] implementation of preshared key as an option [in progress] 

Completed Tasks (recent)

07/04/19 [is][med] new locations added: Poland 2, Norway, US East - Miami, US Central - St. Louis, US Central - Denver. 
03/03/19 [o][med] tutorials for setting up a WG connection [done]. Available for OpenWRT, Linux, Android, iOS, macOS. 
03/03/19 [o][high] front-end implementation of key management tool [done]. Live implementation ready on 10/03/19
11/11/18 [is/o][high] Internal development (backend API, frontend key management tool, servers): internal development started in November as per our announcement, everything finalized at the end of February 2019. 

Privacy considerations: by design, WireGuard isn't suitable for none/limited logging policies. Specifically, the last public IP of user is saved by WireGuard on the server used to connect to. To overcome this limitation, we are running a cron job to erase the public IP soon after the session times-out (no handshakes). 

WireGuard® is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.

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