WireGuard Status

This page includes updates on our WireGuard protocol implementation.   

Latest update (22/03/20): Added new San Francisco server

Previous updates:

03/03/20: Added new Belgium and Japan servers
Added new Singapore server
 Added new Sydney 2 gateway

the limit for WG devices has been increased for 3 to 6 for a single VPN account
added new server in Los Angeles
added WG server in LA (CN2, recommended for users in China) 
added guide for Windows
US East Coast Atlanta 2 and Miami 2 locations added
US West Coast - Seattle 2 location added
Australia (Melbourne) location added. 
 Vancouver server has been replaced because of a hardware failure. To use it again, a new key for it must be generated with the WG manager tool
new locations added: Poland 2, Norway, US East - Miami, US Central - St. Louis, US Central - Denver. 
added guides for OpenWRT 18.06Linux
added guides for AndroidiOSmacOS
implementation is live. Initial setup guide for key management tool available here
some pre-release fixes have been rolled-out, WG likely to be available later today (by end of day, UTC time)
creation of this status page  

Active Tasks

03/03/19 [is][high] server side WG deployment [in progress]. ETA by end of first week of March, 15 servers will be available initially, more to be added gradually
03/03/19 [o][high] implementation of preshared key as an option [in progress] 

Completed Tasks (recent)

07/04/19 [is][med] new locations added: Poland 2, Norway, US East - Miami, US Central - St. Louis, US Central - Denver. 
03/03/19 [o][med] tutorials for setting up a WG connection [done]. Available for OpenWRT, Linux, Android, iOS, macOS. 
03/03/19 [o][high] front-end implementation of key management tool [done]. Live implementation ready on 10/03/19
11/11/18 [is/o][high] Internal development (backend API, frontend key management tool, servers): internal development started in November as per our announcement, everything finalized at the end of February 2019. 

Privacy considerations: by design, WireGuard isn't suitable for none/limited logging policies. Specifically, last public IP of user would be saved on the server used to connect to and it can't be removed within a day as per our current privacy policy. At a later date we will likely make some tweaks to the source code to sanitize or remove the last used public IP. 

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